Is It Safe To Go Into The Waters Around Here?

The Swim Guide app can be downloaded for free on smart phones. Submitted Image

Kathy Phillips Special To The Dispatch In our coastal watershed and along our ocean beaches, the answer almost always is a resounding yes. But after heavy rainfall, like we’ve been experiencing in the past few weeks, the answer isn’t so simple. Runoff from rainstorms carries pollutants and contaminants off lawns, parking lots, roadways and farm… Read more »

Recovering Addicts Deserve Credit For Openness


It’s not a normal occurrence for convicted criminals to speak to the media openly about past indiscretions in an effort to spread awareness and education about their individual circumstances. That happened twice this week. Typically, jailhouse interviews are requested by prisoners because they want to explain their innocence and how the system has worked against… Read more »

Incident Confirms Bus Camera System’s Need


If there was ever a clear confirmation that Ocean City needs cameras on buses, it was last weekend. In fact, it’s a crying shame the surveillance program discussed last month was not in place because it could provide invaluable evidence in a current homicide investigation. Back in May, Ocean City Public Works Director Hal Adkins… Read more »

City’s Position On Sponsors Needs Another Look


The recent discussion over whether to allow West Ocean City-based businesses to sponsor Ocean City special events is perplexing. It’s an easy decision that has been clouded by overthinking. At some point in time, it appears Chick-fil-A, which has locations in West Ocean City and Salisbury, as well as across the country, expressed an interest… Read more »

Safety Concerns Warrant Prom Breath Tests


While it may be unusual around these parts, there is plenty of precedent for what administrators and decision makers at James M. Bennett High School in Salisbury did last weekend when they suspected a group of prom-goers had been drinking. The school decided to have the group undergo a breath test to confirm what was… Read more »

Another Center Expansion Already?


It might seem crazy to many that Ocean City is beginning the process of further expanding the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, but it’s actually sound planning and will address a significant shortcoming at the facility. At this week’s Mayor and Council meeting, elected officials endorsed moving ahead with the hiring of an architect to… Read more »